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Home at last…! The return of Sri Lanka


I’ve recently had my Sri Lankan Altered Book (AB) returned to me. I haven’t seen it in so long – it was started as a piece of collaborative art in 2006.

Each person in the art group would pick a book from a charity shop or junkshop. They’d choose a theme for it and start to alter the pages, covers, the spine…

Some people will paint, decorate, draw, embroider. Some will fold, tear, or insert pages. They might create pockets and pull-outs. Whatever they do, they’ll in some way be “embellishing” and altering the book.

Once you’ve started an Altered Book, members of the group will take possession of your book for one month, add to it following the theme, then pass it on. If there are twelve people in your group, you won’t get your book back for a year.  If you’re interested in AB’s then have a look at The Humument by Tom Phillips. It’s like the Bible for altered book artists.

I started a book on Sri Lanka, which is where I was born (I moved to London when I was 2 years old). It did the rounds, came back to me, then sat on the bookshelf.

Recently a Sri Lankan friend of mine and her daughter have added to the art in it.  It makes it feel (and smell) all the more authentic because Sandra has used various spices on her page – clove, cardamon, cinnamon and mustard seed. There might also be tea leaves, but I’m not swearing on that.  I’ve worked on several altered books, including a book I made myself. I’ll tell you about them next time.

PS.  Thank you to everyone who worked in my book, especially Sandra and Stephie for completing the book’s journey back to me.  Here’s to the next art session.

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“Home at last…! The return of Sri Lanka”

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