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It’s been another good art week for me.

Today, I’ve been getting into the Christmas swing of things with my Anna Griffin card-making sets.  I have about three different Anna Griffin sets, and Edilyn and myself have been putting them to good use.  These sets are great for crafty types (like me) who like the idea of hand-made cards and the convenience of decoupage techniques.  They also make for very memorable Christmas cards for the people we care about.  Normally, I would’ve scanned them in for you to look at, but since one might be winging it’s way to you, I’d better not.

In the last week I have seen my friend Sandra, who returned my SRI- LANKA AB after working in it with her daughter.  You can see their pages here.  I’ve also reconnected with another old friend, Julie, who came over for tea and cupcakes.  She came with her lovely dog, Ezra.  He’s a working dog for  disabled people, and is very adorable.  Funnily enough our cats vanished whilst Ez was busy hoovering up their food and water, and were nowhere to be seen until long after he’d gone!!

Lastly, I have been dipping into more of my art books, which is another post for later this week.  Mostly I’ve been reading up on art journaling, as I am thinking about getting back into that.  There’s some great stuff out there on art journaling, so check out this Pinterest site.  Last week Edilyn had the pleasure (ha-ha) of preparing my art journal by painting the pages with gesso…So you see she is not just a pretty face!  Watch this space to see what I can manage to achieve art journaling wise this week… BYEEEE 😉


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