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Yet another occasion when I haven’t recognised someone famous


Years ago when I lived in Portobello, I did not recognise Damon Albarn. At the time he was one of the most famous musicians in the country.

I once approached the singer from Erasure in a pub in Hampstead who immediately raised his eyebrows, thinking I was a groupie.  No, I just wanted him to keep an eye on my bag while I went for a leak.

Today I went to the Primrose Bakery, a cupcake emporium which is just round the corner from me, and failed to notice Jude Law…Hollywood actor and apparent heart-throb.  IMG_7936


It’s unusual for me to leave the house but there was the promise of cake at the other end. So kicking and screaming I went.  For the promise of cupcake.  I was with my friend Mary-Ann (who is slightly famous but I DID recognise her).

Anyway, when we got to the cupcake shop we sat next to some bloke.  He was eating a cupcake.  I didn’t recognise him at all, but turns out it was famous Jude.

I’m guessing both Damon, the Erasure guy and Jude were quite pleased that I didn’t wave a piece of paper in their faces, asking ‘please Sir, can I have your autograph?’ or want to have a photo with them.  Then again, they might have been sitting there thinking, ‘how can this woman not realise who I am??!!’

The moral of this post is not that you should go hang out in the places I’ve mentioned, on the off-chance you’ll see famous people.

It’s that the cupcake shop is pretty cool. They do uber-amounts of cupcake flavours there.  That’s not to say I like cupcakes, oh no, don’t jump to that conclusion, but it’s good to try new things at least once a day.  I had a mojito-flavoured one, complete with frosted mint leaf. Mary-Ann had salted caramel, with a crushed up Werther’s Original on top.  We don’t know what flavour Jude went for.

Before I wrote this post I had to look up on the internet who the hell Jude Law was.  Sorry Jude.  I hope the cupcake bakery gets plenty of business from the people who read this blog – either because they luuurve cupcakes, or because they like Hollywood-acting, cake-eating heart-throbs.

Mary-Ann did draw the line at enabling me to purchase a fabric carrier bag advertising the bakery, with a huge cupcake on the front of it… don’t know why I’m still mates with her!! Ho ho.  I’m glad she came over today – not only did I get the chance to not recognise someone famous, I also got to eat cupcakes! Yee ha!

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