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I’ve just started working on a number of Jane Davenport courses over at Artomology and Jane  She has many talents and is a great teacher, artist and self described artomologist.   I think I first heard about Jane through LifeBook 2013 (yes, I signed up to that, too.)  I’ve found her courses to be really comprehensive – and they’ve inspired me to start drawing again.

I next heard of Jane through a Whimsical Faces video tutorial she did for the Cloth, Paper & Scissors magazine site.  This inspired me to check out her online courses and I thought “Supplies Me” was the best place to start.  I have an obsession with art materials and art storage, and in this course Jane showed what materials to use, how to use and in what context.


Meeting Jane through her video and blogs made me realise I’m not alone, and that actually there are people out there with more stuff than me!  And I’m sure my hubbundy would be even more amazed by Jane’s collection of stuff than mine.

She also has a shop – Institute of Cute – in Byron Bay near Sydney, Asutralia.  And thanks to my sister in Sydney, Australia I now have a the new range of Prismacolor pencils, and bunch of ColorBox ink stylus tools and foam pads to play with and some hot off the press new stencils.

So, go on, sign up at Artomology!