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I’ve been talking a lot about how long I’ve been away from art, creativity and actually having something to say for myself.

Digging back into the archive on my previous site, the Alchemist’s Musings, I’ve tracked down the last thing I wrote.  It was 9 July 2008, a day that went down in history for Cyprus running out of water, Iran test firing missiles and the Frome Cheese and Grain Festival.

This is what i said:

I haven’t posted in a while because I haven’t created much on the art-front, and I haven’t felt I had anything significant to share with you.

Today I heard something that lifted me up after a period of feeling quite uninspired and a bit flat.

A man was asked the question that if God really loved us, why did he make bad things happen to people? He was given the response that if a child was out walking with her father and fell over, the chances are that she would have fallen over whether her father was with her or not. He would not make her fall over. However, she could be sure that her father would pick her up and tend to her wounds and help her to feel better, she would know that his love for her was unconditional.

In the same way, God does not make bad things happen to us but we can be sure that when they do, we  he will be by our side to pick us up, tend to our pain and help us carry on.

I have often been asked the same question by people and have been at a loss as to what to say. I found this explanation to be a breath of fresh air and after I heard it, I felt a weight lift from my shoulders and suddenly started to feel, and I think that I don’t often experience that. It’s a bit like the sensation of being able to fully open my eyes after a period of my eye-lids being really heavy.

There you go, don’t say I never give you anything! :o)

That was nearly four and half years ago and a lot has changed for me since then and I’ve done lots of things I never thought I would do again.  But most of all I still believe in what I wrote then, and it’s still as relevant to me today as it was then.

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