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I seemed to spend the whole day yesterday setting up my new shiny WordPress site and I’m sure and I don’t need to mention how frustrated it left me because everything seemed to take forever, especially trying to choose from the 1500 themes available.  Oh, and did I mention how tired it made me?  I guess that was about not having had a website for years and forgetting how long it could take to  set up.

My husband was very patient – he’s a living saint!  Anyway, I’ve imported stuff from a short-term Blogger site I set up so I now have some content here.   The new site is about two thirds done,  and could probably do with a new theme that supports what I call “gidgets”, a cross between Blogger’s gadgets and WordPress’ widgets. It will do for now and since websites, like artwork, are never finished I’m launching the new site now and I’ll be making tweaks over the next few weeks or so.  And now, I’m a shiny, happy bunny!!

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