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I’ve been loooooking forward to Christmas for ages, it takes me back to being about 10 again, with my mum and dad.

When I was a child, we used to go to midnight mass on the night of the 24th December at Sacred Heart Church, Wimbledon. Sacred Heart Church, WimbledonThis was part of our annual Christmas ritual and, for me, represented the start of Christmas and everything that came with it. I remember the church was always packed, and the service was about an hour and a half too long, with me itching to get home and start opening my presents.

Back at home, my dad always bought a nice, real Christmas tree, and I will always remember the smell of pine and a carpet of green needles from the tree.  Along with our presents we also had a toy house under the tree, which my dad had brought from his time in Paris, and we converted it into the stable from a nativity scene.

As soon as we got home after midnight mass, the next part of the ritual began, ripping open my presents.  Back in the 70s, childhood was a lot simpler and I was lot easier to please.  I remember getting a Girl’s World toy, which was basically a doll’s bust for little girls to practice hair and make-up on (this was long before equalities). My favourite present was the Tiny Tots Family Tree House.  I definitely reckon they should bring that back. Simpler times…..



Fast forward 30 years and my husband and I spent a glorious Christmas Day with my sister Jenny and her family.  My brother in law, Sam, is pastor of his own church – which is quite literally across the road from his house.  We attended the Christmas morning service, sang carols, and generally felt very Christmassy as the rain poured down outside.

Like I used to as a child, they had already opened their presents at midnight.  My husband being the delayed gratification sort made me wait until the afternoon for present opening.  It must be something about the English? We had a fantastic Christmas Dinner that put us all to sleep until the early evening.

And what I really take from this day is the sense of belonging and family, and I hope that wherever you were and whatever you believe you were with family on Christmas Day.

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