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Today I met with an old friend of mine from my previous arting/crafting life. We first met through my old website, Express Yourself, but she reckons she remembers me from when I used to run a craft forum before that.
Paula is now teaching art to young people and older people in Hertfordshire, and she’s a real inspiration to me.  Listening to her talk about the work she does and the difference art makes to people, made me think maybe I could do something similar with young people nearer to home.  From the age of 18 I started working on youth projects, but it wasn’t untiI I qualified 12 years later as a youth worker that I could use my experience of working with young people. Strangely  enough that was around the time my  health deteriorated to the extent that I needed to stop working and really got into the whole artsy-crafty side of life.
It was lovely to see Paula again, and we spent the whole day chatting over lunch, tea and cupcakes.  I think I tired her out as well as myself.  We did get around to re-arranging my craft library.  We’ve taken it out of the room my husband uses as an office and moved them into the living room where I can now see all my art books in one place.
I’m looking forward to seeing Paula again, even though it won’t be until 2013, but hopefully I’ll be able to find some art inspired people who’d be happy to work with me at home.  In the past I’ve enrolled on art courses at the Mary Ward Centre, but I wasn’t much into what they were doing, and their buildings were largely inaccessible to wheelchair users.  So I wanted to find some like-minded people who’d be happy to come to me and work here. So HI HO, HI HO, its off to find some art minded mischief makers I go!!!
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